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Teh Tarik TV is now installed in over 70 Mamak restaurants across the Klang Valley (google map). Take advantage of this unique medium to reach your targeted audience and contact us now for our advertising rates.


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A network of flat panel screens located in growing numbers of highly popular mamak restaurants and food courts throughout the Klang Valley for advertisers to reach out to targeted and captive audiences. An opportunity to attract, engage and influence target audiences - when they are relaxed in a sociable setting.

TehTarik.TV Network


TTTV Screenshots


The TehTarik.TV Network deploys between 2-4 dedicated, high quality branded screens, mostly 30/40/42” LCDs and plasmas per location, in over 70 restaurants. Placed strategically to optimize coverage in areas with heavier traffic A high-end PC player with a sophisticated dynamic digital signage software is placed at each location.

Get to the right target quickly and effectively with affordable costs

  • Highly attractive package- specially only for small businesses<
  • Greater awareness -up to 96 spots per day per outlet
  • Wider exposure- average of 20K potential viewers per outlet per month
  • Free and quick production - select from ready-made eye-catching design templates


Who hangs out at Mamak restaurants?
  • High proportion of PMEBs (43% for mamak patrons vs 38% Klang Valley population)
  • Higher proportion from more affluent households (30% vs 27% hh income of above RM5000)
  • Higher proportion with access to internet (43% vs 37%)
  • Higher ownership of gadgets and of financial products
  • Higher proportion with interest in leisure products

Source: Synovate Media Atlas Q3 2009

Small Business Package

For as low as RM3,000 per month, your ad can appear in 20 locations, 48 times per day per outlet, with an option to add 20 more locations or additioal month for free. To find out more, fill in the form below.

Be Digital also offers specially tailored packages for Small and Medium Businesses (SMB). Please fill the form below if you are interested in our packages.

The small business package is for qualified small businesses


How Effective is Teh Tarik TV?
  • High incidence of viewership ( 74% noticed and 55% watched)
  • High level of acceptance (75% enjoyed watching while dining)
  • Nearly half noticed any of the ads unaided


Results for a Telco client...
  • 60% noticed the ads with 88% of these identifying the brand unaided
  • 58% who saw the ads(on-screen & ambient) were likely to make an enquiry
  • Nearly half noticed any of the ads unaided

Source: Synovate TTTV Research Nov 2009


Teh Tarik TV Network
  • A network of high resolution flat screen TVs in more than 70 popular mamak restaurants plus ambient media in many of them
  • In high-traffic locations that provide a medium that attracts, entertains, informs and influences targeted audience in a relaxed, sociable setting.
  • Dynamic engaging content with real-time news, ads, community messages, contests, entertaining video clips, trivia, real-time sms and blog submissions.
  • Reaches up to 1.5m diners monthly with large number of football viewers during matches in the evenings
  • 2-4 dedicated high resolution flat screens with sophisticated player software and connected by broadband
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AttraceAttract your target audience with our flat panel high resolution display that are strategically positioned for maximum coverage.


AttraceEngage your target audience with informative, useful and entertaining content with real-time and interactive community participation.


InfluenceEnable real-time marketing, and get your message across with complete marketing that allow our audience to see-hear-touch-act.